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Projects, design and lighting of interior spaces in Barcelona. At Marina Sezam Studio we are a team of decorators and interior designers in Barcelona. Our aim is to take the project from the beginning to end of construction, paying attention to the characteristics of the space and its light, as well as to the needs of every client. We create a relationship between the person and their own space.

Proyectamos y construimos espacios con creatividad

Interior design

We design the space according to your needs, looking for a balance between beauty and functionality in all our projects. We carry out the construction drawings, advise you on selection of the materials and finishes to create your home, and coordinate the renovations so that that everything goes according to plan.

Space construction

We take charge of the floor plan and the necessary construction details and of the execution of the entire project. We visit the site every day and accompany you in order to show you the evolution of the space. We coordinate the construction team to achieve the anticipated result. We manage the necessary steps to obtain all building permits.

Decoration and lighting

We take measurements of your home and design the new space considering the furniture and elements that you want to preserve and including any new ones that we choose or do made-to-measure for you. We execute the project and coordinate each stage. We buy and mount all new furniture and elements according to the plans.

Ready to move in

If you want a hands-off approach, we take charge creating and managing the whole project from the initial idea up to the complete execution of the job including the furniture, lighting, curtains and cushions. Tell us what you want and when, we will take charge of the rest.

We always look for creative results that adapt to the space and optimize it to the maximum, with simple solutions that take advantage of spatial characteristics to achieve major functionality without resigning the beauty and the harmony of the place.

We project and construct

From the team at Marina Sezam we understand perfectly that often interior architecture projects must materialize whilst conforming to formal requirements. With this in mind, we design the project whilst in constant dialogue with the architect director and look for constructive solutions adapted for each challenge that could appear. So we:

› Explore the space

› Focus on new solutions

› Take charge and manage the whole project from the beginning up to the complete execution of the construction

› Coordinate the construction team to achieve the anticipated result

› Follow up on the work and coordinate each of its stages

› Control the time frame and budget according to the schedule

We redistribute and decorate

We create a solution that best adapts to your needs and look for the materials most appropriate to obtain a functional, aesthetic result, and always align to your budget.

Thus we achieve a result in which small spaces could be perceived as large, that dark spaces become light or that a room transforms into a versatile space. We look after:

› Studying the space with all its elements

› Determining what is necessary to change according to your needs

› Designing and proposing the materials and furniture to complete the space

› Advising you in the election of furniture, fabrics, lamps and colors

› Arranging everything chosen in the space in order to finish the design

› Advising you on textiles and accessories

Obra Calle Romans Barcelona

Work in Romans street, Barcelona

We finished the play on Romans Street. A very small apartment where we wanted to use every inch of it!

We just finished today and the space appears unopened. This work was completed in 11 working days, just 2 weeks