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A short essay about error

It may appear to some that talking about one’s own errors is counterproductive, but the truth is that nobody is able to escape their own mistakes. It may also seem that making mistakes is in some way unprofessional, but I personally love them.
Errors and difficulties are obstacles that we must overcome in order to achieve the perfection that we desire from each blueprint and in every corner of the spaces we create.
What a delightful feeling when everything adds up correctly on paper and the lines fit together with fluidity. What joy we experience when during a construction job we find out that our previous calculations were spot on and everything is going according to plan.
Yet, I must say that the process is infinitely more interesting, and the final result is undoubtedly superior, when things don’t go so easily.
It is when faced with obstacles that we are at our best. It is adversity that gives us the opportunity to overcome difficulties, and it’s only when we make mistakes that we are forced to make a true effort to learn more and do better in the future.
At Marina Sezam we like mistakes because when they happen, we squeeze them dry, drink their juice and incorporate their nutrients into our future projects.
In each mistake resides the unique opportunity to better recognise our limits, our qualities and our abilities. We take advantage of our own mistakes because they reveal information that up until the moment we had taken for granted, and that is something that is truly revealing.
We aim for perfection and excellence in each new project because we know that in this way we can always achieve a good result. However, if an error occurs, we don’t try to eliminate its existence, but rather bring it to light and examine it, as a way to deal with it, integrate it or modify it if necessary.
Each new error marks a challenge and at Marina Sezam, we don’t enjoy the easy success that comes from repeating something we know works, over and over again. Challenges act as our incentive to continue advancing forward and to be better designers with each new day.
For all these reasons we wanted to dedicate a few words to and extol the positive side of error, because without error, our work would turn into a boring collection of successes. It’s just as Truman Capote said, “Failure is the condiment that gives flavour to success.”

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