Our architecture studio in Barcelona develops various projects for all types of clients. We design spaces adapted to our client’s needs.

Our aim is to optimise the available square metres to the maximum and to combine essential characteristics such as functionality, comfort, beauty and durability in the space. To do this, we study in detail all the technical, geological and environmental aspects of the land and the place where we are going to build, as well as the client’s requirements, and with all this we create a tailor-made space.


In our architecture studio in Barcelona, we have a team of professionals who, throughout our career, have realised that each client is different and has particular needs. For this reason, we are committed to creating personalised spaces that meet all the characteristics desired by the client.

We work in detail, assessing every aspect to optimise time and space, with meticulousness and professionalism. Our aim is to provide the client with effective solutions, based on our knowledge and experience in architecture.

We are constantly moving forward. We continue to train every day, and we study new trends, techniques, materials and architectural styles to develop innovative and increasingly efficient projects.

In our Architecture Studio in Barcelona

We have architects and technical architects

In our studio we have architects and technical architects to carry out all kinds of projects, from the construction of large surfaces to projects that include the design of car parks or façades. We take all the key points into account:

  • Structural calculations
  • Projects for obtaining licences of all kinds and structural interventions and common areas of buildings.

In addition, we analyse problems such as fissures and cracks, aluminosis, damp, or woodworm, among others. And we determine the most appropriate solution for the renovation of the building.

We build unique spaces that transmit emotions

At Marina Sezam we build unique spaces that transmit emotions. We develop each project based on your needs and with a style adapted to your tastes.

Our architectural knowledge allows us to offer you different options to merge them with your ideas, and together we can create a special environment where beauty and utility come together. We conceive buildings in which we combine technology, innovation and design.


Custom-designed spaces

We create custom-designed spaces, we focus on analysing your needs, to create a space that provides comfort and functionality, with a style that identifies you.

In our architecture studio in Barcelona we design and build with different construction systems depending on whether they are hotels, homes or commercial premises, among other types of spaces. When we build a home, we assess what needs it should cover and what characteristics of the place we can take advantage of for the project. If it is a workplace, our solutions will be aimed at creating the best experience for both users and clients. And without losing sight of the brand image and the values you wish to transmit.

How we carry out our architecture projects

In order to carry out our architectural projects and ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the result, our work begins by capturing their ideas and translating them into a personalised proposal.

There are a number of aspects that we take into account in order to achieve an excellent result. These are comfort, functionality, comfort, aesthetics, maintenance and durability. Based on this, we materialise these concepts in space, we create environments that provoke different sensations in those who walk through them, and in those who dress them. Touch, hearing and even smell can be delighted.

We build functional spaces adapted to your needs

Our architects will meet with you to find out what requirements your architectural project must meet. We build functional spaces adapted to your needs, with a strategic distribution to optimise every centimetre, using high quality materials. In addition, we use the best construction techniques to guarantee great solidity, stability, resistance and safety.

Are you looking for an Architecture Studio in Barcelona?

In our architecture studio in Barcelona we transform surfaces and volumes into personalised spaces, with the help of our architects and technical architects. We advise you during all the phases of your architectural project and also during its construction.

If you don’t know exactly what your space should be like. If you do not have a defined style or if you have doubts about what is best, we will help you. We will guide you through the choice of materials, finishes, lighting, tones, distribution and furniture of the space. We pay attention to every detail to obtain the best results. We create unique structures and environments based on your preferences and an understanding of your needs for the space.

Architecture allows us to organise spaces and create unique atmospheres

Interior design project

The interior design project consisted of changing the use of the office to housing. To this end, it was distributed to house three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen semi-open to the living room. It was a space of 80 m2, with very little natural light, which we had to leave not only habitable, but also attractive and well finished. For this reason we opted for the use of white on very smooth surfaces combined with wood and ceramics that provided the necessary warmth.

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