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In Sezam, we carry out all types of interior design and decoration projects for both homes and commercial spaces, including the execution of work and turnkey services.

Each new project we embark on is a blank canvas where we customize every detail so that you can perceive the final result as your own, looking for the optimum solution and the combination of materials, furniture and lighting to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the space.

Our more than 15 years of experience has allowed us a deep knowledge of the possibilities that we can find in the market. In continuous recycling of ideas, we offer creative solutions in constant renovation, applying the logic to the design to take advantage of the resources of the space.

Whenever you want, we can talk about your project.

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C/Paris 151-155 esq Izq Entlo 7 08036 Barcelona
Mobile:  +34 628 266 823
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