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Do you like cactuses? Discover Xero-Landscaping

Oftentimes we feel the need to have contact with nature. It’s probably the result of living in a world of cement and asphalt, where we are constantly surrounded by machines and artificial images. Yet, somewhere in our subconscious being we have the memory of our wilder origins, when we once lived amongst the trees, and where we could run through fields, forests and jungles.
Our environment has changed radically over the years, and because of this change we have gained a higher level of confort and convenience, in addition to longer life spans. In our homes, the places where we spend intimate time with our families, we like to have plants around us because their green color and their organic forms bring a freshness and beauty to our homes and workplaces.
In Barcelona, the humid climate and the severe summer heat, added to our busy daily schedules, mobile phone in hand as we drink our coffee on the way to the office, prevent us from taking care of, watering, re-planting and trimming our plants as much as we would like.
For that reason, a great way to decorate city homes like ours with plants is by using cactuses and other succulent plants that hardly need any care. Additionally, their low consumption of water allows us to contribute to a more eco-friendly world. These plants take care of themselves and offer an an endless amount of varieties, textures, and a spectrum of colours and shapes that at times can seem sculptural.

Xero-landscaping, home decor that adapts to your daily life

Xero-landscaping or landscaping with a low hydrological necessity, is a way to provide new life to our interior spaces, all the while adapting to our environment and our present needs. We particularly like this type of landscaping because in addition to requiring lots of sun and light, this type of landscaping is governed by the same principles that define the spaces we create at Sezam:
• Comfort
• Functionality
• Beauty
• Durability
Our interiors are comfortable, open spaces that make the most of natural light and adapt to the people who live in them, through the use of shapes and materials that are both beautiful and durable. All of these qualities can be found in cactuses and succulent plants, and for that reason we want to express our affection for the types of plants used in Xero-landscaping, which are becoming a new trend in home decoration.
Therefore, in this case, we at Sezam can get behind this new design trend.
es, and a spectrum of colours and shapes that at times can seem sculptural.


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