At Marina Sezam we carry out home automation projects in Barcelona. We bring to each project the advantage of being able to efficiently manage each area of the space, for this, we have the home automation specialist Ramón Martínez Pursals, CEO of the company Twisterbox.

Home automation is increasingly present in our projects of design and construction of spaces, as it allows our client to enjoy a better experience and comfort.

We carry out home automation projects in Barcelona

The aim of our solutions is to create environments that, in addition to aspects such as aesthetics and design, functionality, security and comfort, allow our clients to reduce the consumption of energy and resources, thus saving time and costs.


Effective and efficient space management is achieved through the installation of a home automation system that we carry out in a totally personalised way for each client. This is how we achieve the best results in each project. We analyse the priorities and needs to be covered in areas such as lighting, enclosures or air conditioning, among others, to develop a proposal for your customised home automation project in Barcelona.

Home automation solutions for homes and hotels

Together with Ramón Martínez Pursals, we design home automation projects in Barcelona for homes and hotels. In both types of spaces it is really beneficial to have a system to automate numerous actions such as the following:

  • Regulating the temperature or programming the heating or air conditioning system remotely.
  • Remotely controlling or programming the closing or opening of blinds and awnings.
  • Program, regulate or vary the intensity of the lights, their colour or zoning, both for the interior of homes or hotels and for swimming pools and outdoor areas.
  • Automate the interior ventilation of the space with windows prepared for this purpose.
  • Optimising the security system in the home and remotely visualising unexpected visits, as well as keeping the presence of people outside the hotel under control.
  • Control access to the home or rooms or different rooms of the hotel, via mobile phone and without the need to use keys.

Home automation projects in Barcelona adapted to your needs

We design home automation projects in Barcelona adapted to your needs, whether it is for your home or for a hotel.

Our solutions are aimed at achieving greater comfort and simplicity in managing the comfort of the spaces. They are also optimal for minimising costs and obtaining energy savings. We take care of the complete design and installation of home automation in your home or hotel, providing you with maximum flexibility and a completely customised service.

Through our solutions for the management and control of space, you will optimise resources and you will also be contributing to the care of our environment. On many occasions energy consumption is much higher than it should be, and with a home automation installation we prevent this from happening. Among the many advantages it provides, there are those of having a higher level of security in your installations, and being able to control and automate the space from anywhere.

We carry out our home automation design and installation projects with speed, rigour and professionalism.

Intelligent spaces to make your day-to-day life more comfortable

With home automation projects we create intelligent spaces to make your day-to-day life more comfortable. We analyse your needs and preferences to design a tailor-made project for you.

You will have control of your facilities, you will be able to regulate the room temperature from your mobile phone, or turn on and off the air conditioning in the common areas of your hotel or rooms. In this way, you will be able to offer your guests a cosy and comfortable experience.

Installing a home automation system will allow you to:

  • Make energy savings
  • Control the electrical systems (turn on, regulate or turn off the heating and electrical appliances)
  • Control the lighting system
  • Enjoy a customisable and programmable audio system, such as a piped music system
  • Have more peace of mind and security thanks to a video surveillance system that you can monitor from anywhere.

We put technology at your service, integrating in your home or hotel a home automation system for the total management of your space, designed according to your needs.

Technology applied to the homes of tomorrow



Renovation and interior design of housing

Project and comprehensive reform of an attic overlooking the city for a couple without children. The objectives of this project were to create diaphanous spaces, functional and taking advantage of the maximum natural light, using unusual materials and intense colours for an open distribution, in which two large black cubes organise the space separating the day and night zones.

The irregularity of the perimeter of the house was used to create a guest bedroom, which with large folding doors could be invisible or open and form an independent room.