Interior design and refurbishment for premises

Reinvent your premises,
Increase your income

With the right design and the right layout, your premises will no longer be just one more to stand out and become your customers’ home for a few days.

Help me to refurbish my premises

    “Our aim is to create spaces that make a difference”

    Marina Sezam we are an Interior Design, Construction and Space Design studio, experts in the creation of customised projects.

    We give shape and materialize the idea you have in mind for your business; from the beginning to the end of the work, we will advise you and accompany you throughout the process. From the choice of materials, style, decoration and lighting to how to distribute the space in order to optimise it as much as possible.

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    Interior designers, technical architects, textile designers and builders

    We have been interior designers, technical architects, textile designers and builders since 2002.

    This experience has provided us with great personal and professional enrichment. And with it, we are able to make our interior design projects for commercial premises or restaurants unique. Each one of us has been trained in different specialities, and together we form a great team. We want our clients to feel at ease in their space, which transmits feelings of calm, relaxation, happiness, balance and harmony. We transform all kinds of spaces into beautiful and functional environments.

    Reinvent your premises,

    Increase your income.

    With the right design and the right layout, your premises will no longer be just one more and will stand out from the rest.

    Help me to refurbish my premises

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      We create functional spaces with a personalised style

      At Marina Sezam we create functional spaces with a personalised style, we design your premises just the way you want them.

      We adapt to your needs, to your tastes. We carry out a reform that gives rise to a space according to your preferences and comfortable to develop your professional activity.

      Our creativity and experience adapt to all types of facilities. We like challenges, projects that allow us to advance professionally, discovering new ways to give life to a space.

      We think of the space so that your business works, so that it transmits its personal character to the user and the user enjoys it through their senses.

      We improve your space

      We improve your space, we carry out decoration and lighting projects for bars, restaurants, rooms and common areas in hotels.

      Refurbishing your premises is key to attracting more people, and in our interior design studio we create spaces that customers will want to return to. We work on the differentiation and personalisation of the premises according to your corporate image; we develop your idea to materialise it so that your business has a well-cared for, balanced and, above all, functional atmosphere.

      Excellence in spaces is what we seek through our interior design projects.

      What do we at Marina Sezam offer you with our interior design and refurbishment projects for Premises?

      We work to provide you with different Contract solutions to suit your needs. We carry out our interior design projects for commercial premises. We bring out the soul of each space so that it reaches each client through their senses.

      We offer you a personalised service through which we carry out partial or complete refurbishment work, furniture, textiles and lighting management. We design spaces according to their purpose, whether they are restaurants, bars, shops at street level, or any other type of premises designed to receive your customers. We optimise the space to make the most of every square metre.

      We are experts in interior design, decoration and construction of all types of spaces, and we work with the best external professionals that your project requires. For example, furniture companies, wall, ceiling and floor coverings, decoration…

      After the refurbishment we will give you a completely renovated premises with the specific characteristics you need to meet your objectives. We take into account aesthetic, functional and structural factors; we combine functionality and aesthetics to achieve a balance in the space.

      How do we work on the creation of spaces?

      We want to tell you more about us, how we work on our interior design projects for commercial premises. We start by meeting with you, to establish a conversation in which you tell us what you want the space to be like, what you need us to include in it, and how we are going to distribute it. We will guide you and give you our ideas, and with them we will help you to decide so that we obtain an exceptional result. We analyse your needs and priorities to start creating the renovation project. After that, each professional of our team starts to work on the different aspects of the proposal; distribution of the space, materials, colour ranges, textiles and lighting for each area of the space, decoration…

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      In the next step we will present you with our proposal, and we will define which aspects of it fit well and which ones need to be perfected or modified to achieve the result you want.

      We give each area its importance, we optimise the space. Maximum use of natural light, strategically combined with artificial lighting, so that during all hours of the day, your premises have the right amount of light to provide visual comfort for your customers.

      And once we have set the objectives and we have specified down to the smallest detail, we will start with the refurbishment. During the whole process we will carry out an exhaustive follow-up of all the advances, and we will check that the work is being carried out as planned.

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      At Marina Sezam we organise and coordinate with great exigency to meet the delivery date of your project. We work with maximum agility, and our great capacity to respond to possible unforeseen events means that we exceed our clients’ expectations.

      Once the work on the premises has been completed, we proceed to check that everything is correct and ready for use. When the keys are handed over to our client, we are once again proud of our work and all the effort we have put in.

      The satisfaction and gratitude of our clients when they see that we have been able to materialise and give shape to their wishes in the space, is our best motivation to continue working on new interior design projects.

      Do you want to refurbish your premises?

      If you want to refurbish your premises contact us, at Marina Sezam we create interior design projects that fit your business.

      We include in your space structural elements, furniture or decoration to differentiate it from the rest of the companies in your sector. We take into account your corporate image in the development of the project, achieving a space that identifies with your brand.

      We look for beauty, functionality, comfort and personalisation for the spaces. And we bring added value to your premises: a visually attractive space will create a more positive response from your client. We give the spaces their own identity, in accordance with the philosophy of each business, taking into account functional, aesthetic and sensory aspects.

      The first contact with your client begins in your premises. If they are impressed and find it pleasant, functional and comfortable, success is assured. Customers are looking for unique experiences and at Marina Sezam we create spaces that stimulate their senses.

      We offer the Contract solutions that your premises need. We create the space thinking about gaining visibility and affluence, so that the client wants to come back because they feel at ease and special.

      The result of our interior design project is a space that sets you apart from your competitors and is aimed at creating the best sensations for your customers. They feel comfortable and that they are in a special place, where every detail, no matter how small, has been taken care of.