Interior design for hotels is something in which, in Marina Sezam, we work with all the dedication that is needed to achieve a personalized project, unique and with details that make the hotel, an authentic experience for the senses; we create spaces where we give great importance to both comfort and design, making it innovative and attractive.

In our projects, we look for functionality and comfort, always together with beauty, giving each area of the hotel those characteristics that surprise and welcome the customer, so that he feels good and in a pleasant environment.


We work Interior Design for Hotels

We work on Interior Design for Hotels, offering advice on the distribution of space, lighting, furniture, the most suitable textiles and decoration according to the desired style, as well as the materials to be used and other aspects of the hotel transformation process.

In Marina Sezam, it is essential that each project is worked attending to the small details, investing the necessary time in the taking of each one of the decisions, analyzing the pros and cons of each option, and offering to our client, those solutions of Interior Design for Hotels that reflect the idea, embodied in the project with all the necessary information to be able to carry it out.

We create specific solutions for each Interior Design project for hotels, and approach each of them differently, creating solutions that enhance their particular beauty for a better customer experience.


How we carry out our Interior Design projects for Hotels

Our Interior Design projects for Hotels are carried out starting from the analysis of the final client, the place, the budget and the character that we want to give it. For the professionals at Marina Sezam, each job entrusted to us by our clients is a new opportunity to capture our knowledge, experience and passion for Interior Design, and at the same time it is a challenge to find new solutions and to capture new ideas that fit well into the spaces of a Hotel.

Therefore, we are involved with the aim of ensuring that each phase of the project is carried out according to the needs of our customers and the characteristics of the spaces to be transformed.

We meet with our client to learn about their needs and preferences.

The beginning of an Interior Design project for Hotels in Marina Sezam, begins when we meet with our client to know the needs to cover, preferences, and those fundamental aspects for the proper functioning of the hotel.

After studying all the possibilities offered by the space and having a clear idea of what style is desired for the project, the dimensions we must adjust to, and the specifications indicated by the client, we design an interior design proposal for your hotel.

We carry out the Interior Design project for Hotels and we carry it out in the shortest possible time.

Once we have the final proposal, and approved the budget for the reform, we direct all phases of execution so that the Interior Design for Hotels can materialize in the shortest possible time following the agreed specifications.

We take care of managing the processing of permits and licenses, coordinating all the professionals who will be part of the process, that each item is carried out correctly, and supervising each progress to ensure that the work is developed as planned in the project.

Interior design project

The interior design project consisted of changing the use of the office to housing. To this end, it was distributed to house three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen semi-open to the living room. It was a space of 80 m2, with very little natural light, which we had to leave not only habitable, but also attractive and well finished. For this reason we opted for the use of white on very smooth surfaces combined with wood and ceramics that provided the necessary warmth.