Lita Cabellut the most esteemed painter in our country, and although I like painting a lot, I would be pressed to say if this recognition is deserved or not. In the art world, where works of art and artists are assessed, I see it as more a world of toys and players, playing in an elitist and sealed-off market.

It doesn’t seem to me that Lita Cabellut is that type of artist, although I don’t know her (and I truly would like to), nor do I think her work is any type of petty game.

Cabellut is a female, gypsy artist of humble origins. She must be good, if not excellent, because in no other way would she be able to accept the recognition she receives.

I don’t know a lot about art, but the truth is I like it. I am profoundly moved when I see a work of art that captures me and moves me towards something new. A work of art that allows me to uncover little mysteries along the way, mysteries that up until that moment I could only vaguely understand, but then all of a sudden make sense and a new reality appears clearly and magnificently. It is in those moments that I am happy because I’ve discovered something unknown and unsettling to me without even knowing it.

The types of works of art that are pleasing to us are the onces that we can connect with, for any given reason at any given time.

Lita Cabellut’s work does not allow you to remain indifferent. Her work emits an overwhelming force, as much as in the strokes, as in the contrasts and the topics that she chooses. She continually goes beyond the surface of the canvas in order to examine the characters she paints and presents them to the spectator only after going through the screening process that her hands and gestures perform. These gestures are pure forms of expression, as performed in dance and in painting, and without a doubt this expression exists in the paintings of Lita Cabellut.

This is the expressionist characteristic is what stands out the most in her work, however there are a few others that I must mention: colour and femininity.

Her varied palette is not conventional. At times, the colour she uses vibrates directly as a way to emphasise the strength that her characters emit. Other times, colour is used in a subtle manner, allowing viewers to read between the lines and find the criticism, condemnation, or nakedness presented by her characters even when depicted as clothed.

Cabellut mainly paints female models, and each one symbolises the type of woman that exists in every part of the world: a woman who is a fighter, one who possesses a strength to take on each day with all her might, winning battles against adversity and negotiating with the difficulties that present themselves in order to find her place in the world. It is that place, that deserved spot, where so many woman are fighting to get to each day.

I’m sure that when talking about Cabellut’s work, there is so much that she wants to transmit that I am not capable of seeing, and I’m also sure that what I’m able to understand from her paintings is not even one thousandth of what there is to be perceived. However, these works have presented me with a new perspective, one that has enriched me and has calmed my thirsty soul and restless heart. I can only hope this will happen more often.

I don’t know how much one of Lita Cabellut’s paintings costs, nor what purchasing one would serve. I don’t know what it really means to be an esteemed artist, or if it even goes beyond meaning that they create expensive artwork. I do know that this work transmits sincerity and fearlessness, and is the result of an artist’s expressive need to remove the weighty burden they carry inside themselves.
And in the end I can say that I understand this facet very well, because I recognise myself in this aspect of Cabellut’s work.

Marina Zamora,