The Marina Sezam studio is made up of a small group of interior designers and we work mainly in Barcelona. For this reason, when we have the opportunity to transform a space such as that of the project in Sant Antoni María Claret Street, we let ourselves be seduced by the environment with emblematic architectural works of our city such as the Agbar Tower or the Sant Pau Hospital, and also by the empty interior space, in which only the views through the windows and the natural light that enters with them are present.

And when space in these conditions seduces us, ideas come to us that follow one another in our heads and that we begin to capture on paper after another in order to retain them and prevent them from being lost after that moment (great moment!) of inspiration.

This time, we have drawn these ideas, we have polished them and we have wanted to shape them with simple collages to show how a space has infinite possible solutions and how the function it has to perform, the colour, the layout of the furniture and the complements, lead us to one result or another.

This can be achieved with only a few changes and a modest budget, although of course, if more resources are available, the space can be sophisticated, distinguished or emphasised towards a specific style with more force.

In the Marina Sezam studio we like this seduction; the seduction that space exerts on us when we contemplate it, the seduction that causes us to unwittingly begin to fantasize about how many possibilities we have, the seduction that makes our skin bristle when we imagine everything we could create. We visualize how many environments we could offer or how many different realities we could live, all of them brimming with comfort and beauty and that, all these thoughts that come in just a few minutes, are the basis on which we begin to work.

The existing architecture and our passion to make it functional and pleasant for our senses, are the engine that moves us every day to give ourselves to our profession and address the interior spaces to get the best of them, whatever their function and whatever budget we have for it.