Decoration and redistribution in Calle Romans, Gracia, Barcelona


Project for the decoration and redistribution of furniture for living room and children’s bedroom. The starting point of this project was a house with very little natural light and barely 45 m2 for a couple and their daughter.

The key to this project was to modify the layout of the staircase that communicated the living room with the attic and at the same time, provide it with storage space to free the rest of the rooms from objects and toys, gaining a feeling of spaciousness. Subsequently, the tones of the furniture, the painting of the walls, and the lighting were chosen to further enhance this feeling.

As interior designers, we also focused on optimising the attic so that it could work as well as possible as a workplace, despite its very low height and tight budget.

The same criteria were used to define the furniture for the 6 m2 children’s room, so that in addition to its surface area, we also took advantage of the vertical space to raise the bed and have a large lower wardrobe, placing the drawers under the steps of the staircase designed for this purpose.

The result we obtained was a living room with a loft to work in and a pleasant, well-lit and tidy children’s room.

To this end, the corridor was enlarged and the doors were replaced by large walls of white lacquered wood and sliding glass.

The combination of materials in the bathrooms and in the gallery was taken into account so that the result would be harmonious and elegant at the same time, and the layout and interior distribution of the kitchen cupboards, the wardrobe of the dressing room and the laundry area was designed.

Colour was very important in this reform and the combination of stones and neutrals with contrasting colour notes in ceramics and textiles was studied.

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