Design and Construction of LUM Jewelry

Lum in Mayan language means Earth, and this jewelry is based on the values of ethics, ecology and conscience to preserve both the environment and our craftsmanship.

The jewelry that can be acquired at LUM are not simple adornments. They are pieces that extol the beauty of those who wear them through the use of silver, gold and diamonds, of controlled origin with the Fairmined guarantee. LUM jewelry is minimalist, elegant and ethically committed to both the planet and people, and all this is what we have captured in this small shop located in the heart of the Gràcia district in Barcelona.

Simple geometries, neutral tones with a bit of earth and femininity, sincerity and transparency in the uncoated walls, wood and cement. The light on the jewels did the rest, so this project basically consisted of communicating what the jewels transmitted to us, without losing sight of the personality of the neighborhood where we worked.

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