Project and works of integral reform of a house in Les Corts (C/ Europa)

Home remodelling project for a couple with a pet cat and future plans to expand their family. The project was centred around creating a home with three bedrooms, an open-concept kitchen, two bathrooms, the option of having a large wardrobe, in addition to a large outdoor living area.

The entire home was spatially redistributed and as a result, a laundry room and guest bath were both added to the new floor plan.

Once the definitive distribution was decided upon, the organisation of the sofas, dining room table, kitchen furniture and wardrobes was carried out. All of these elements were accompanied by smooth white walls and natural oak wood flooring.

The final product resulted in organised, warm, and funcional spaces that are pleasant to be in and easy to maintain. These spaces lack in strong, harsh contrasts, and rather are characterised by their neutral tones, smooth surfaces and clean, soft-lines furniture design.