Project and works of integral reform in a house in Sant Antoni (C/ Manso)

Renovation and remodelling project for a residence of 120 m2 to be handed over to the owners unfurnished. Natural materials such as wood, marble and ceramic were chosen for the flooring, and some original elements, such as the doors, windows and some decorative moulding were conserved and complimented with new, additional details. 

In accordance with the building’s style, the interior design of the home was composed of classic touches, as well as neutral and luminous tones, in order to allow the client to furnish the space according to their individual tastes. 

For the photo session, the Sezam team used Home Staging to decorate the living room and bedroom with cardboard furniture. In this way, our team was able to create a temporary decor setup that would suggest one potential arrangement for the space, if furnished.