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Interior design project of a pastry shop in Cervelló

The project for this pastry shop located in the town of Cervelló, consisted on updating the premises to make it more attractive and adapt it in a coffee and tasting area. Creating an environment that connected us with the sweets world and with the enjoyment it provided. That was the premise on which we articulated this project.
The interior was adapted and redistributed so that it could have a small space with tables and chairs, where customers would have the opportunity to enjoy their handmade products in situ. After considering the premises layout, we focused on the materials, the completions and all those elements, tangible or not, that could help us generate emotions and to awaken positive childhood memories.
In this sense, the choice of coatings, furniture and decorative elements was key.
Color white was used as a base to gain space and luminosity, together with pastel shades, such as pink, blue and yellow, with stained lamps, chairs, small tables and counters. A way of giving an exquisite touch to the space, creating a cheerful, childish, welcoming and full of fantasy environment.
As for the lighting, it was strategically arranged. Natural light was also taken advantage of. Making the space look spacious, clean and bright.
The shop window was also modified to modernize itself by adding more lighting, more color and a better distribution of the products, with the purpose of attracting as many customers as possible, and making the temptation to enter the shop irresistible.


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