Reform of housing for rent Sant Antoni Mª Claret, Barcelona

This project basically consisted of the renovation of the spaces and facilities of the house with the minimum cost. To this end, low-cost materials and coverings were chosen and we simply let the terraces, natural light and views be the true protagonists of the reform, enhancing their visibility from the inside.

As the flat had to be empty in order to be rented, Marina Sezam carried out a quick Home Staging with cardboard and textile furniture and accessories from Zara Home for the photo shoot.

For this reason, in some photos the empty space appears and in others, it appears furnished with the elements that our team was able to make available in just a couple of hours before the photographic session with Marcela Grassi.

At the same time, taking advantage of this empty dwelling, we made some renders to be able to communicate to potential tenants how the spaces could be used. In this way, we tested how one of the rooms could function as a double bedroom, youth bedroom or workplace, giving an idea of how the furniture and decoration could be arranged for each of these different uses.

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