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Interior design project and reform in Sant Martí, Barcelona

“I want to renovate my flat to gain a sense of space and light” was the first request we received from the owner of this property in Barcelona’s Sant Martí neighborhood, so the project immediately required the demolition of some walls. The most important intervention was to decrease the length of the corridor so that the kitchen, the dining room and the living room were completely connected, although each one maintained its own differentiated area. In this way the space came to be perceived as bigger and more luminous.

In addition to all this, the project also needed to consider how to facilitate order and storage in each room, as well as how to combine the color and the artificial lighting so that there would be a harmonic and a peaceful environment, cozy and very pleasant at any time of the day.
To this end, it was suggested to change the orientation of the couch and the television for better views, to have a closet with the necessary capacity of storage in the entrance hall, the bathrooms were embellished, the kitchen and the laundry distribution was optimized and the bedroom was painted in a thin layer of white.

The result was a contemporary styled home, warm, very comfortable and functional for an independent woman, who appreciates very much being able to enjoy her house and have it ready in case her children, who currently live abroad, ever need to live in it.

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