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Construction of the reform project of a house in Sarrià

Marina Sezam carried out the renovation work on this house in the Sarrià district of Barcelona, designed for a young couple with two girls. The LoCa Studio project was carried out taking care to obtain the highest possible acoustic comfort, as well as a marked personal aesthetic, between the classic and the contemporary.
The color of the interior doors, of the taps and of the coatings, provide the elegant and even sophisticated air, which balances the geometry and simplicity of its forms. The natural wood flooring, the white walls and the presence of transparent glass to divide the kitchen room, do the rest.
Although mixing pink tones with gold and glossy finishes did not seem a great challenge at first, when the work was finished we had the feeling of having made a journey after which, we arrived at a new world, undoubtedly aesthetic and unique, different from what we are used to and surely because of that, very enriching.

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