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Project design and construction of our studio

This premises, located in Barcelona’s Eixample, is a mezzanine of about 80 m2 with hardly any natural light and of origin, had a height of 220 cm and a very abandoned appearance. This premises was chosen for its location and the project consisted of recovering the maximum possible height, leaving without plaster the beams and pillars of its structure, harmoniously integrate all the community facilities that pass through the middle of the premises, and create a space not only suitable, but also pleasant and very functional for the development of our activity.
For this purpose, the area closest to the façade was left completely free for the distribution of the tables and the meeting areas were concentrated at the other end, taking advantage of the geometric shape and the view of the courtyard of this area.
In this way, the premises are zoned in two parts: one for meetings and visits, and the other for daily and continuous work.
Finally, the colour of the oak, the false white of the walls and the continuous paving of microcement together with careful lighting, provided a harmonious and warm environment for the work, including spaces for reading and relaxing during the coffee break.


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