The projects that we undertake deliver a space ready to move into, ideal for you if you don´t have time or do not want to interfere in the process of design and construction of your new space.

First, we listen to what you want

To be able to see our projects through to completion and that they achieve a satisfactory result for you, we need to know all your needs and how you would like to imagine the final result.

Then, we take charge of everything

We measure the space, draw it, redistribute it, execute the project of lighting and decoration, and take it to completion.

We select the materials that we are going to use both for construction and decoration, which  are going to form your new home.

We manage the entire execution of the work, hiring and coordinating the contractors who are going to form a part of the project at each of its stages.

With the visits to site that we perform, we will check the evolution of the project to take  control of the deadline, the budget and to check that everything is being executed according to the plans.

We do a final review of all work to guarantee that the result is identical to the idea that we proposed, and verify that all completed work is satisfactory.

We look for imaginative solutions to create unique spaces
mobiliario y decoracion

Construction of the reform project of a house

Marina Sezam carried out the renovation work on this house in the Sarrià district of Barcelona, designed for a young couple with two girls. The LoCa Studio project was carried out taking care to obtain the highest possible acoustic comfort, as well as a marked personal aesthetic, between the classic and the contemporary.

The color of the interior doors, of the taps and of the coatings, provide the elegant and even sophisticated air, which balances the geometry and simplicity of its forms. The natural wood flooring, the white walls and the presence of transparent glass to divide the kitchen room, do the rest.

Irene Vadillo

It was a complex project, we had a lot of communication with Marina and she led the project in all areas. The truth is that we are very satisfied.

Project: Housing in Gracia, Barcelona