In Marina Sezam, Interior Design and Hotel Reform in Mallorca we work with all the dedication and involvement required to achieve the desired and personalized project that the client needs, with a unique and exclusive result that make the hotel a true sensory experience.

With this objective we create spaces giving priority to comfort and design, providing an innovative air but very local and attractive at the same time.


Interior design for Hotels in Mallorca

We work on interior design for Hotels in Mallorca, offering comprehensive and totally personalized advice on the distribution of spaces, finishes, lighting, furniture, textiles and decoration, of course.

We also take care at all times of the fundamental aspects of the process of transformation of the hotel attending to the materials available throughout the evolution of the project and the work of reform.

For Marina Sezam it is essential that each project is treated with special care, paying attention to the small details, and the hotels in Mallorca have many small details, which need to be valued in the making of each decision.

In order to be able to carry out the ideas agreed with our clients and that these are well reflected in the result, it is necessary to analyze the pros and cons of each option that we propose offering appropriate interior design solutions for each type of establishment.

In this way we create specific solutions for hotel refurbishment and interior design projects in Mallorca, finding the most suitable solution for each case and enhancing the particular beauty of hotels in general on the island of Mallorca.


Decoration for Hotels in Mallorca

The interior design projects for Hotels in Mallorca we work in a particular way, attending to the native materials of the area and without losing the essence of the place.

For the decoration and interior design reforms that we carry out in hotels in Mallorca, we use Sea Stone, Lime Mortar, Dry Stone Walls and elements that create shadows, as well as autochthonous plants and vegetation. Always starting from the analysis of the place, the budget and the character you want to give each hotel.

Each job that our clients entrust us with is a new opportunity to express our knowledge, passion and experience in interior design and interiors at the same time as creating new solutions and ideas that fit in well with the rooms of each type of Hotel in Mallorca.

In order to achieve the objectives agreed in each phase of the project and following the wishes of the client based on their needs and those of the place, we transform the different spaces of the Hotel in Mallorca, achieving the maximum optimization of the spaces and the materials offered by the place.


Personalized refurbishment

At the same time, the beginning of each project that Marina Sezam carries out for Hotels in Majorca begins when we meet with our client to know his preferences, and to be able to cover those fundamental aspects for the good development of the work and the optimal operation of the hotel.

After studying each and every one of the different possibilities offered by the hotel in terms of the distribution of space, it is necessary to define well the style and target client to design a proposal for interior design and decoration suitable for each type of hotel.

Once we have the proposal of decoration that we make for hotels begins the phase of execution of the work of reform, in which we direct and coordinate the different industrialists that intervene so that the work finishes in the agreed terms and conditions putting the necessary care in the details and finishes of each stay of the hotel and this one works with the maximum yield.