The sustainable architecture projects in Barcelona that we carry out in our studio are designed to offer solutions adapted to all types of clients.

Achieving sustainability in spaces is becoming increasingly important to take care of our environment. And in big cities even more so, which is why sustainable architecture in Barcelona is very necessary.

At Marina Sezam we are committed to the design and construction of sustainable housing, which contributes to a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. It is in everyone’s hands to preserve the environment, and from our Interior Design studio we contribute to this.

We carry out sustainable architecture projects in Barcelona

We carry out sustainability projects for homes in Barcelona, for this, we have a team specialised in developing sustainable solutions for spaces; thus achieving great energy savings and managing to reduce pollution in our environment.

We use innovative and respectful construction techniques, as well as recycled and sustainable materials, whose procurement, handling and installation have a minimal environmental impact. We increase the energy efficiency of buildings, without forgetting to achieve a personalised, functional, comfortable, safe and beautiful style.

To achieve the desired result for our client we analyse in detail their needs, the characteristics of their space, and the type of solutions best suited to the creation of a sustainable home.

Sustainable solutions for your space

We develop sustainable architecture projects in Barcelona, designing more efficient, healthy and ecological homes.

We offer advice and accompany you throughout the process. We help you in the choice of materials, space distribution, design and aesthetics and systems.

With a tailor-made project we will reduce energy consumption, obtaining savings in gas, electricity and water. Thus, at the same time, you will be cooperating in the care of the planet.

Another decisive factor when deciding to have a sustainable home is that it is also beneficial for people’s health.
Why is that? Well, because by not using certain materials that contain and emanate a large amount of chemicals and substances that are harmful to health, we can prevent respiratory problems, allergies, insomnia, migraines and other pathologies from occurring.

We design sustainable and healthy architecture projects in Barcelona

We design sustainable and healthy architecture projects in Barcelona

If you wish, we can carry out your renovation work so that energy consumption and CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum, both during the construction process and during the useful life of the building.


How we achieve this

  • We choose materials that respect the environment: during the manufacturing process and subsequent transport.
  • We use recycled and recyclable materials: to create a cosy, comfortable and comfortable home; with a personalised style, full of harmony and beauty.
  • We take into account the climatic conditions of the location and use enclosures that help to reduce the energy consumption of the home. Choosing optimal thermal insulation to conserve the energy generated inside is essential. Low-emissivity glass must also be chosen, as well as watertight carpentry and enclosures that allow the spaces to be ventilated.
  • We study the possibility of installing renewable energy sources and using alternative energy resources, and we make furniture from wood from controlled forests.

We turn your space into a healthy home

Through our reforms we turn your space into a home with sustainable and healthy architecture.

To do this we use non-toxic coatings, we design the installations to prevent the generation of electrical and electromagnetic fields inside the home. We install Kangen water devices, alkaline and antioxidant, and we distribute the space strategically so that it is harmonious and has a positive influence on people.

After completing the renovation work, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable, healthy and sustainable space. We create highly energy-efficient homes, ensuring that the energy consumed is practically the same as the energy generated, always seeking the well-being of the user, and taking into account the technical regulations in force.

Sustainable architecture is the architecture of the future

hannun house

Interior design project

Hannun already had the premises and some previous ideas when they contacted us. We had to ensure that the showroom would not only be used to display the company’s furniture and accessories, but also for events, workshops, exhibitions and talks. In addition, Hannun wanted the space to convey its brand values, philosophy and character. Transparency, Honesty, Craftsmanship, Nature. These were the main values to be transmitted.