Reforms, interior design and decoration of tourist flats

At Marina Sezam we carry out the design, renovation, interior design and decoration of holiday flats with the aim of creating an attractive, functional and comfortable space for its guests.

A renovation project for a holiday flat involves assessing various aspects, from the economic cost of the work, which must be compensated according to the profitability that the owner of the property is going to obtain, to the comfort and aesthetics so appreciated by people who are looking to rent a flat to relax for a few days.

In our studio we analyse our client’s needs and design a tailor-made space that meets all their requirements.

Renovation, interior design and decoration projects for tourist flats


Our renovation, interior design and decoration projects for holiday flats are adapted to the needs of each case; we look for the best solution to optimise the space to the maximum and at the same time create a pleasant atmosphere that invites comfort and to escape, for a few days, from the routine.

Refurbishing and decorating a flat for holiday rental is a great option to enhance and make the most of a property that you do not use as a permanent residence. And precisely for this reason, the best thing to do is to go to a company that specialises in renovating holiday flats, which can offer you advice on how to renovate the space to integrate beauty, functionality and comfort, adjusting to your budget without it going through the roof.

The most important thing is to create a space that suits the needs of the guests, whether they are staying in the flat for a couple of days, a week, or a whole month.

To define the design and renovation project, we meet with our client and study their needs. For example, the distribution of the different rooms can be strategically readjusted to gain space, add an extra room or increase the surface area of the common areas. All of this will depend on how many guests can live in the flat, how much comfort is required and whether there is enough space to enjoy the space. On the other hand, decorating a holiday flat should take into account the current decoration trends, as well as the cultural aspects of the place, so as to create an environment with a certain style that can match the preferences of the users.

A balance must be found between aesthetics and functionality, without forgetting about comfort; after all, the aim is that the people who rent the flat feel at home and enjoy a welcoming space where they can relax and disconnect from everyday life.

That is why at Marina Sezam we work on every detail of the project, creating spaces that tourists want to live in and that invite them to remain in a state of calm, peace and total disconnection.

Differences between the refurbishment of a holiday flat and the refurbishment of a regular home

There are several differences between the renovation, interior design and decoration of a tourist flat and the renovation of a regular home.

Although in both cases the aim is to ensure that the people who live there feel at ease and have all the necessary comforts, in the case of a holiday flat an extra level of practicality is sought, especially in terms of maintenance and cleanliness.

The characteristics that a regular home and a holiday flat must have are different. Here are some aspects to take into account:

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  • Flooring: in a regular home it should be in accordance with the client’s preferences, although it may require some care, while in a holiday rental flat, functionality, resistance to heavy foot traffic and easy maintenance are paramount.
  • Wall colour: opting for white for the walls also facilitates the maintenance tasks of the holiday flat, as the standard white colour accepts occasional touch-ups and patches without them being noticeable, while the coloured stippling tends to look different and requires the entire wall to be painted in case it is necessary to carry out repairs.
  • Materials and furnishings: these should be hard-wearing, attractive and mid-priced so that they are perceived as modern and attractive, but not costly if they deteriorate. It should be borne in mind that with holiday rentals, furniture will suffer rapid and significant wear and tear. We are used to caring for and maintaining our furniture on a regular basis. Therefore, for holiday rentals the furniture should be sturdy, varnished, durable, with pleasant colours and proportionate volumes.
  • Taps and sanitary fittings: for the holiday rental flat, it is best that they are as delicate as possible, and that they are easy to replace if necessary.
  • Fully accessible installations: this is convenient both in a regular home and in a holiday rental, but in the latter case it is also a good idea to have stopcocks in all wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, accessible boxes for the electrical installation and easily accessible siphons. In a normal home, these aspects are not usually so important and aesthetics are usually given more priority.
  • Photographic aesthetics: When people are looking for a holiday flat for their holidays, the photographs they see will be decisive. So it should be photogenic in general and enhance spaces with which to enjoy the landscape, the environment or the outdoors. Emphasis should also be placed on highlighting the cultural features of the area; for example, in the Mediterranean we will have seafaring details, while in the mountains we will have rural details. Users like to find elements related to the culture of the place and the environment.
  • Storage: in tourist flats it is more appropriate to opt for open wardrobes, few or no drawers for clothes, unlike in a regular home, where these elements are essential to keep the different spaces tidy.
  • Decoration with plants and flowers: for a regular home we will preferably choose natural plants, and for holiday apartments we will prefer natural plants.
    In holiday flats it is better to opt for artificial and preserved ones. In the case of holiday homes, it is also valid to decorate with photos, drawings of plants or green landscapes reminiscent of nature.
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If you are considering renovating, interior design or decoration of a tourist flat, contact our team. We will help and advise you throughout the work, finding the balance between achieving a welcoming and attractive space for tourists, and a practical and functional space for quick and easy maintenance.

We will go step by step through each area of the flat and we will carry out a personalised project made up of tailor-made solutions in accordance with your requirements.

Project for Apartment for vocational rental in Calella de Palafrugell (Costa Brava)


The project basically consisted of eliminating the L-shaped corridor so that the view of the sea from the balcony appeared as soon as possible when accessing the apartment. At the same time, this involved opening the kitchen and integrating it into the living room so that you could enjoy the view of the sea at all times.