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Interview with Marc Fons

Marina Sezam is a team of designers who work for the improvement of our spaces, whether it’s tracti d’habitatges, botigues, hotels or restaurants. And when we parlem de millora we refer to creating functionallocs, that will last in time, enveloping good and following always harmonic and beautiful because the one that vertaderament is of interest is the quality of our life in relation to the space in which it takes place.
So, when we met artist Marc Fons, we did not want to miss the opportunity to meet him and talk to him, to share his point of view and his concerns because with his influence and over everything, with the influence of his work, we have further enriched our own language as designers of interior spaces.
As an artist, Marc Fons explores different paths that he will find and that give a global feeling to the combination of his work with fish that seek surprise, the somriure of the spectator, complicity or simply the gaudi that produces a beautiful image. It is considered an etern dissatisfaction that is in a permanent research, but admits that it pleases him to work, seek, capture, retain and find the right technique for each new idea or path to approach.
Thus he creates fragments and small portions of reality with the ultimate goal of finding beauty. It shows all that envelops us and that we see distractions every day, it shows full parts of missatge and aesthetics that we are only able to appreciate when we isolate them abstractly from reality. Marc teaches us how the rapid and changing reality we live can be profoundly interesting if we look at it carefully.
We are also faced with dilemmas that reveal that what we see is not what we see in truth, which does not cease to be a metaphor if it transposes this idea into today’s society. With these works, the Marc expresses his critical esperit davant d’una societat miop, que veu, pero no sap mirar.
In this case it is a matter of a “Geometry”. It is the third one that realizes and has foreseen to make fifty. They are ephemeral works that normally have to be filled in a day because the construction works cannot be filled. It’s a matter of fast enough actions that disappear leaving a record that is at the same time aesthetic, critical and revealing because it shows us that what is, in reality is not. But not only that. With this intervention in the space that is about to change in shape and appearance, the Marc affects an intermittent layer of colour and intention to affect a stratum more in the life of the space and concretely, of its walls, with the aim of enriching its history over time.
“Sovint trobo objectes interessants” -ens diu-, “però el que és vertaderament interessant no és l’objecte en sí, sino la seva història, tot alò que ha passat i que no veiem però que està inmers en l’objecte que observem”.
In these works in which space and colour are the basis, we have asked ourselves how we choose and for it, the choice is clear: the colour surt of which the person who relates to space transmits. In this case, the colour green/blue turquoise represents the hope that the family that will live here in a few months will transmit to him, when Marina Sezam completes the work of reforming the space in which she lived.

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