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Bamboo II Shop´s Interior design project and renovation 

IInterior design and rebuilding for an ecological brand of products and toys for pets, with space for hairdressing and canine daycare care for dogs.
The interior design project focused on creating suitable spaces for the movement of animals in a shop that, at the same time, had to be attractive and pleasant for people. As in the renovation of the first BAMBOO shop, in order to minimize costs, some existing elements were used and custom-made furniture was combined with IKEA furniture.
The keys to this project were the distribution of the furniture and the support elements for the product display, so that it would be visible. It was presented in an attractive way and always kept tidy and well laid out, resisting the onslaughts of the encounter of several pets at the same time.
Also, that the premises would be functional for people, for both visitors and shop staff, and that it would be a playful place and the well-being of the pets were the objectives pursued by the project, beyond facilitating and promoting the sale of the product.

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