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House Interior design project with partial renovation, in Llacuna

“Although he was generally happy with his flat, she needed to renovate it to make it more “her own”, and now that the children were no longer so young, it was the perfect time to do so”.
This was the basis on which we started to work with, although soon after, new needs were added to enjoy a better house: working from home and lockdowns, as well as the relationship between parents and children, that was to be enhanced. Against this background, it was decided to intervene in the parents bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, to make it more beautiful, pleasant and functional, to gain storage space with a new closet and to ensure that the daily cleaning could take place in a serene and tidy environment.
We also found a way to gain an extra closet in the corridor without the children’s bathroom losing any of the functionality it already had, and also the bathroom became more fun, modern and practical for every day.
The living room was re-furnished in neutral colors and in straight lines, with something minimal and noble at the same time. Although the kitchen had always been isolated in this house, we chose to create a flexible opening, which could be closed at any time but which would allow communication with the living room and also could function as a serving hatch.
Finally, the entrance hall and the kitchen layout were modified to make them very neutral, beautiful and functional spaces, and to fit in well with the family’s lifestyle.

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vivienda Llacuna

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