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Project and work of integral reform in a house in Balmes street in Barcelona

Although the initial project already contemplated modifying the global distribution of the house, it was necessary to incorporate solutions that modified the original architecture of the building, since some of the beams presented aluminosis and the props that were carried out were somewhat more delicate than expected due to the nature of the load-bearing walls.
All this was resolved with our Architecture and Design Service, which focused on reinforcing the damaged structure and integrating the structural elements of the props into the interior design project so that they became part of it.
In this way, the house, of about 80 m2, was distributed in two bedrooms, a dressing room, two bathrooms, a kitchen open to the living room, a hall space and a distributor that includes large closets for everything that had to be stored outside the dressing room: the textile-home, the suitcases, sportswear, do-it-yourself and ironing equipment, as well as a shoe rack.
This apartment was thought for a young couple with the possibility of having children, who like to enjoy natural light, invite friends and feel at home. Once again, Marina Sezam focused on making the most of the space and distributing it in the best possible way to facilitate the entrance of the sun, cross ventilation and communication, reducing the meters of the corridor, which also works as a storage area.
As for the aesthetics of the house, the original ceilings were left bare and were illuminated expressly to provide a feeling of warmth and comfort during the night.

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