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Hannun’s show-room project

Hannun already had the premises and some previous ideas when they contacted us. We had to ensure that the showroom would not only be used to display the company’s furniture and accessories, but also for events, workshops, exhibitions and talks. In addition, Hannun wanted the space to convey its brand values, philosophy and character. Transparency, Honesty, Craftsmanship, Nature. These were the main values to be transmitted.
That is why this project consisted of zoning the space so that each area could be used to display a range of products in a completely flexible way and making it easy to move around comfortably. This allowed the space to be multi-purpose and serve for all the activities that were to take place, while the product could be viewed from any angle.
To this end, mobile and organically shaped recycled wood platforms were arranged that could fit together or function in isolation as display areas. One wall was set aside for the storage of poufs, rugs and mats for the workshops, an exhibition area for the children’s furniture and another, next to the entrance, to show the brand values represented by large photographs of the local artisans and producers whose creations can be found in the showroom.
And throughout the space, green plants were distributed to bring freshness, emphasising the spontaneity and naturalness of both the project and the Hannun furniture.


Por eso esta tienda debía funcionar teniendo muy en cuenta el producto, el branding de la marca y su filosofía, lo que nos llevó a emplear una paleta de tonos muy claros y líneas orgánicas en las que la madera aporta naturalidad y calidez, mientras que los detalles de metal dorado nos remiten a la elegancia y feminidad de esta firma barcelonesa.


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