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Decoration project for the lobby of the hotel The Moods Oasis Barcelona 

Decoration project with the main concept of an urban oasis for a hotel


We analysed what the hotel wanted to communicate both to its guests and to the passers-by who pass in front of the establishment. In this sense, the focus was also placed on the elements in the lobby that were not working well. Basically, it was about improving the overall lighting, the lobby area visible from the street and the waiting area in front of the counter.

The idea was to be attractive for tourists as well as for the local customer who would like to access the restaurant or its garden with mini-golf, communicating the idea of an urban oasis.

To this end, the colour palette was defined to coordinate well with the pre-existing decoration and connect with the Oasis concept at the same time, new lighting was proposed to add light to the space and the decoration project was carried out using local materials and solutions that would be attractive, pleasant and somewhat different.

Decoration and lightening

the mood hotel
hotel the moods
hotel the moods
hotel the moods
hotel the moods
hotel the moods

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